You were never lost, you were just searching for the perfect space to heal, let go of the old, transform and reclaim your divine feminine essence so you can create the life you deserve on your own terms. You my darling are more powerful than you could ever imagine. Jump on this ride with me and I will show you the way back to the divine goddess that you are.

Welcome to Wild provocateur,

a sacred space to reclaim your unique essence and become the best version of yourself.

Welcome beautiful being,

Welcome, my name is Sabine, your spiritual coach, intuitive mentor and overall goal achieving warrior with a big dash of humour and flair.

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Wild provocateur was called into life as a safe healing space for dormant warrior women to wake up, and find their way back to their divine feminine essence. Tapping into their intuition and powerful creative nature. 
Helping YOU and women around the world heal and unbecoming who you were told to be, breaking through old patterns, creating new solid boundaries, claiming your greatness by connecting to your intuition, & uniting with your purpose that sets your soul on fire. Get ready to shine like the motherf#cking star that you are!

Soul reading

Soul Talks

A popular service I offer is, a soul reading, coming from a place of love & light, in collaboration with the cosmic portal of information and source energy. This reading often provides clarity when facing a crossroads in your life.

Sometimes we get stuck in life and search for tools and insight to help us move forward in our journey. Soul talks offers you the opportunity to get immediate advice and insight on current situations happening in your life from an experienced spiritual coach & intuitive mentor.


Sacred Offerings





Archangel quantum

A soft yet potent energy radiating through my hands, coming from a place of love & light, in collaboration with the archangels and source energy this healing brings both physical and emotional relief.

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