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A popular service I offer is, a soul reading, coming from a place of love & light, in collaboration with the cosmic portal of information and source energy. This reading often provides clarity when facing a crossroads in your life.

A soul reading often jump-starts this trust due to the surprising accuracy provided during a reading. In almost all cases I know absolutely nothing about you, so for me to come back to you with your deepest thoughts, doubts, questions usually result in a wow effect. When the source shows you it’s miracles. You tend to believe them and therefore take the steps towards trusting yourself.

A soul reading can provide you with the confirmation you need and reveal certain blocks that might be holding you back from taking the necessary steps forward. We always hold the answers we seek within us but often look for confirmation outside of ourselves to really trust what our intuition is telling us. Learning to truly trust our own intuition is a journey that goes in phases and the timing is different for each person. 






Sabine has absolutely changed my life. I met her at a time that I was feeling very down and very much not myself. I also had no clue how I could even get back to my old self as I had lost that person such a long time ago. I had spoken to multiple psychologists and work-coaches before, and most of them would describe me as someone with burnout symptoms and / or a very negative self image. Sabine was the first one to not call out the negative and focus on the positive. Not once did she label me or judge me on my behavior or actions. Instead, she focuses on the positive.

I am a very practical and logical person with an extensive corporate background. When I heard about Sabine’s work around soul reading, it got me very interested and I decided to give it a try. I got truly amazed by her ability to see straight through you. She was able to recognize and verbalize the struggles I was going through with myself and gave me clear suggestions where I could start my journey and where I could improve when it came to my career and work.

I booked a soul reading with Sabine, she responded so warmly to my message and took the time to explain what it entails and make sure it was the right fit for me. Sabine was so warm and kind, she was very accurate with her  insights into me and my personality, she connected so well to my energy and has given strong guidance about the path I am on. She will tell you the truth and really put the time to showing you how to move forward. Thank you so much Sabine, you are amazing. Highly recommend.

Sabine gave me a soul reading and it was really mind blowing. She gave me so many insights and directions. With every word she spoke I got goosebumps. Everything she said was right on point and she gave me clear directions on next steps. I had a lot of questions about some big decisions in my life and now everything is so crystal clear. Thank you Sabine you are an angel

I met Sabine just at the right time. We spoke a little bit; she explained all the magical options she offers, and I choose to get a soul reading by her. I could never have imagined that she would be this accurate. I love how honest and upfront she was with me. I was unsure what path to follow in the future and she showed me that I wouldn’t be able to move forward if I won’t heal my past. I can’t thank her enough for her wise words, literally a life changing moment.

The powerful soul reading allows you to become crystal clear on where you stand, what you need to work on to move forward and the best route to take.

To connect to your inner knowing through confirmation in conjunction with cosmic wisdom.

Gaining clarity where certain trauma blocks are stagnant within your energy system.

When you systematically feel stuck or lost in certain areas of your life.

Things To Know:

When you are facing a life changing decision and not sure which road to take.

A soul reading is for you if you are seeking to:

· Soul readings are done online because it gives me 100% focus on the reading instead of you in the moment. This way I can’t get distracted by the human side of you, but lets me focus on your energy.

· I ask you for a filter free photo on the day of the reading to use your eyes as a portal to your soul. I don’t necessarily need it, but I find it helps keep the reading clear and specific to you. 

· The reading is not a future prediction, it reads your past and current energy and guides you towards future possibilities. Future predictions are always subject to change as every person has the power of free will. So, I would rather focus on the possibilities than “solid” predictions. Past and future technically don’t exist. I read your energetic signature which you can fine tune to match the frequency you want to align with.

· The reading is done within my own space and at the time of your reading I send you voice messages with everything that comes through for you. This way you can always listen to them when you feel you need to go back to the information. 

· A soul reading is NOT for you if you are not ready to hear the truth or willing to take steps towards moving forward. I am always 100% honest in a loving respectful way but I will always tell you the truth and maybe not always what you want to hear. 


The reading takes 60min on my end and will be delivered to you through Voice messages on WhatsApp. This is a distance reading which will be performed in my sanctuary in Amsterdam.




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